LightKeeper Pro The Complete Tool For Fixing Miniature Lights

The complete tool for fixing standard miniature light sets and pre-lit trees
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Use our Fast and Easy LightKeeper Pro to fix your Christmas miniature light sets and pre-lit Christmas trees.

  • 1 count package
  • The complete tool for fixing standard miniature light sets and pre-lit trees
  • Our LightKeeper Pro features: Audible voltage detector, LED headlight, Bulb puller, Light set socket connector, Quick Fix trigger and  Bulb and fuse tester
  • It also includes:  Batteries and Storage organizer
  • Quick Fix Trigger: Repairs the most common cause of light set failures, Internal Bulb Failure
  • Audible Voltage Detector: Finds all other circuit problems caused by loose bulbs, broken wires and poor contacts
  • View our informative Video and see why this Light Fixing Tool is one of the most important tools that you will need when decorating this Holiday Season and all year 'round!